2.Six.20Eleven – Week 19

Week 19

Week 19! I sure feel more pregnant than this photo shows…  soon I expect to expand much more and maybe even feel some little kicks or flutters.  I can’t wait!  Then I’ll know for sure there is something growing inside me.  Actually, Max and I have our next ultra sound this coming week so we’ll know if everything is moving along as it should be very soon.

My stats:

Weight – Closing in on Max…  😦

Body Fat – Although I haven’t been in the pool in a while I know I would definitely float…  😦

Run: Have been able to do some walk/jog intervals but very slow… and I am nearing a point where I should probably stop the pounding on my body as the weight inches upward.  My poor hip doesn’t like the extra weight…

Bike: I still love spin class!  It is a good burn and it just feels good to be moving and sweating!

Swim: As running comes to an end I suppose I’ll get back into the pool but the question is what kind of swimming suit will I wear?!  I suppose the only thing that will fit is a bikini… but that certainly doesn’t sound very attractive.  Yikes!

Additional exercise… Prenatal Yoga!  I found a small little studio that offers the prenatal version.  For some reason I thought it would be a piece of cake… MY GOODNESS!  It is tough!  I can barely hang… hopefully I am getting stronger in mind and body!

More to come… hope to have a new ultra sound photo, but those of you that can read them well please keep the anatomy of the baby secret… we are going to wait until the birthday to find out!



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