1.Eighteen.20Eleven – IM Training Update.

Max Spradley - 2011.01.18

Max Spradley - 2011.01.18

So now most readers of this blog are aware of two (2) major events coming this year:  my wife (Molly) is pregnant and due in early July and I am hoping to race my first Ironman triathlon in Tempe, Arizona in November.  We are both very excited about these two (2) events.  We are also both aware that our “typical” day will be changed drastically come July (and, likely that we will not have a “typical” day for quite some time thereafter).  Both raising a baby and training for an IM are time intensive tasks, and I am hopeful to manage my time in a way that allows me to be a good dad-n-husband (priority #1) and still perform well at IM AZ (priority #2).  Can this be done?  I hope so & think so…but as this will be our first child, I suspect Molly and I will encounter many new experiences & challenges along the way.

To that end, my plan for training & racing this year is to divide up the calendar into two (2) parts:  pre-baby and post-baby.  This was already in the works somewhat as I knew that I would need a mid-season break to allow me to “recharge” before diving into the “real” IM training leading up to November.  So…I hope to get in some quality training leading up to late June/early July and race the Loveland Lake To Lake and Boulder Peak triathlons.  Ideally, I will get in some very good shape between now and then, race well, and be able to take some time off from training to welcome “+1” to the Spradley household.  After a bit of “transition” time, I hope to be able to get in another quality training block leading up to IM AZ.

So…how is my training go thus far?  Quite well – thanks for asking!  😉  In the last six (6) weeks of training, I did three (3) weeks of “Prep” work (relatively easy training getting my body back into the swing of things) and another three (3) weeks of Base work (gradually building volume focusing on endurance and speed skills).  I have been feeling my fitness level progress and was even able to not go too crazy with Holiday indulgences.

Training highlights:

  • Going for a swim on a random Friday evening (Molly was out with the girls) and coming back with a 3000 SCY PR!  This was motivating and proof that the previous week’s swim lesson played dividends (Thanks Pete at Mile High Multisport!).  It also re-emphasized how important relaxation is during the swim.  I was not worried about splits…just enjoying a nice, easy swim.
  • Attending Spin Class with Molly.  It is not often that Molly and I get to work out together, and it has been nice to go to spin class with her on Monday and Wednesday nights.  This fits well in my schedule as I am working on various speed skills (spin ups, etc.), and allows each of us to go our own pace and still get to spend time together.
  • Swim – 1000yd TT Improvement.  As you will see in my “stats” below, I was able to improve my 1000yd TT time by approx 20 seconds in three (3) weeks (that is ~1 second a day…think what I can do by November!  ;-))
  • Run – LT Improvement.  I did another Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) test and my LT pace improved to 6:19ppm (vs 6:35ppm back in mid-August).
  • It was also really enjoyable to get outside for a lot of my runs during December.  Some mornings the temps were a bit chilly, but all-in-all the weather made for some invigorating runs.  Of course, 2011 has brought with it some “real” winter weather…so, I have had to spend a bit more time on the treadmill.

Current Stats:

  • Weight: 170.5
  • Body Fat: 12.0 %


  • 1000 yd TT (2010.12.22): 15:41.4
  • T-Pace: 1:34


  • 20min TT (2010.12.25)
  • LT HR: 148 bpm
  • FTPw: 267 W


  • 30min TT (2010.12.21)
  • LT HR: 160
  • LT Pace: 6:19ppm

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