Sarah 1st Day of Preschool

Sarah 1st Day of Preschool

So the honeymoon is over… July has come and gone.  It is almost fall… boy, time sure does fly when you are having fun.  Max and I are both back at work, plugging away for another day.  Max has been keeping busy with all of his training.  For the most part, he has had a successful, injury free summer.  This weekend he will be competing in his second ½ Ironman of the season, the Harvest Moon Half IM at the Aurora Reservoir.  I will certainly be on the course watching and cheering!!  One of my favorite things about “triathlon” is being a spectator!  Especially when those you are watching know how to move… fast!  We are both currently signed up for the Crescent Moon Sprint triathlon on Sept. 19th… and I thought I would go ahead and set-up a double header and finish my tri- season with the Oktoberfest Sprint triathlon the following weekend (Sept. 26th)!  I sure hope it stays warm!

 This past weekend (Labor Day Holiday) we were able to sneak away to Albuquerque New Mexico for my lovely friend Kim and her fiancé Chuck’s wedding.  She was stunning… I just wish I would have taken some photos.  We had the camera!  What were we thinking?!  That was Friday evening… they said vows outside at the Botanical Gardens which is in Old Town Albuquerque (not the safest place in town, a guest at the wedding had their car broken into while we were at the ceremony).  The gardens were very nice and I wouldn’t have thought otherwise had that car break-in not happened.  Anyway… the reception followed at El Pinto Restaurant!  A perfect celebration!!  As the sun went down the temperature outside felt fantastic.  It was a beautifully romantic setting on the back patio of the restaurant with a covered dance floor and all.  Of course, the food was Mexican!!  My favorite!  Fresh guacamole, chips and salsa, shrimp cocktail, plus a fountain of margaritas and sangria!!  It felt like heaven!  Kim and Chuck had quite an eclectic crowd filled with folks from all of the different areas of the world where they both have lived and visited.  Well done, Kim and Chuck!  Thanks for letting us share in your special day!

 Of course, the weekend did not stop there… we had driven to Albuquerque with our bikes on the back of the Honda.  Max had done some research and found that Alb. was quite the town for bike trails and streets with bike lanes.  However, the catch was that none of the bike lanes had been swept or maintained.  Rocks, gravel, glass, trash, you name it, it had been pushed off the main road into the bike line.  After the car break-in on Friday night we were afraid to leave the Honda any where else besides our hotel parking lot.  So we mapped out a route from our hotel that would take us to the Paseo del Bosque Bike Trail.  The route to the trail was only 12 miles (Ha!  Just a third of the distance of our entire ride!).  The meandering path we took through town to get to the Paseo del Bosque trail was nice however you had to stop or yield every block or so as the path did not go over or under the main roads.  Definitely frustrating when you are trying to keep your heart rate up!  But it was nice to be riding in a new city with Max!  Once on the Paseo del Bosque trail the ride was very great!  Beautiful views of the mountains and open spaces.  It was smooth sailing…although, there were MANY tiny lizards darting on and off the trail (snakes too!) which made riding two wide (Max along side of me) difficult as I would swerve with every little moment from the little critters!

 Lastly, Sunday we continued our adventure in N.M.  We had registered for the local “Dam to Dam” 10k.  Supposedly it was a “must do” course for experienced and novice runners alike.  The morning started off cool and I was very excited to finally be running in the cool crisp air!  However, that did not last… just before the start of the race the sun broke over the mountain tops and kicked on it’s oven.  The race was a small, local, neighborhood race, just over a hundred folks.  Packet pick up was in the Safeway parking lot next to Starbucks.  The start was just outside the entrance to the parking lot so we had to avoid the Sunday morning shoppers!  Anyway… I was ready, Max was ready… and we were off!  The cool thing about this run was crossing on top of the dams.  You could see all the way to the otherside.  And for me, being in the back of the pack I could look off in the distance and see Max leading the pack of runner!!  He looked so good running just strides behind the “bike lead” directing him along the course pathway.  Fortunately, Max maintained his lead the entire race… he finished 30 seconds ahead of the next few runners.  That’s my man!!

The drive coming home felt long… but it was an excellent weekend! 

King of the Mountain - Sarah and Cate

King of the Mountain - Sarah and Cate

Okay… we didn’t have any photos from the weekend but I hate to have a post with out pictures so I’ve included two of my nieces.  They always make me smile!


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  1. Diane Jokerst Says:

    I am glad that you are continuing with this. It is fun to keep up with you. That way I get more details then, “Oh we had a good race!” Sorta like when I would ask you about what you did in school…Oh nothing!!! Love you Mo, Mom

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