After the finish of The Boulder Peak

After the finish of The Boulder Peak

Not to trump Max’s excellent race last weekend post “wine and cake” diet… but I still want to reminisce about our wedding day!  We’ve shared some photos from our beautiful wedding, as well as from our unbelievable honeymoon, but we haven’t spoken much about our pre-wedding adventure… The Boulder Peak.

As it happened, shortly after Max proposed we had decided our plan for the honeymoon.  We sort of worked backwards toward the wedding.  One thing we had to consider when selecting a wedding date was our racing calendar.  Since Max was feeling fairly healthy this year he had several races down for the summer.  The Boulder Tri series was one of them.  When he decided on 7-Eleven he asked how I felt about him racing that morning.  He was willing to pull out of the race if I wanted him too.  But I didn’t see any reason he needed too.  His family would be in town and they would be able to go watch!  After a few weeks of engagement set in I started thinking about the race myself.  Mind you, three years early I participated in the Peak and swore I’d never do it again (ask me about Old Stage some time).  However, in the back of my head I knew Max would love it if I joined him on our wedding morning for the race.  That was our thing together… we love races and the atmosphere and enthusiasm!!  It is so thrilling!  But… I just could not get the thought of falling off my bike on my wedding day out of my mind.  What if I broke a leg or got a road rash?!  

Crazy… I still decided to sign up!  What the heck?!  Why not?  It was definitely going to be a challenge but maybe it would help me relax before meeting Max at the alter to say “I do”!

So that morning I got up at 4am.  A little early for one’s wedding day but I was ready to go!  I had stayed alone at the Loew’s hotel suite and Max came to  pick me up at 4:30am to headed to Boulder.  His sister Kristin joined us that early hour (the rest of the family followed a few hours behind us).  As we set up our transition areas, I made sure to layout my veil my mom found for me.  I had pinned it to my visor and planned to wear it for the run!  Max had a bow tie!  It was a great morning! 

Just as our (Max and I) relationship had worked out so perfectly… our racing line up fell right into place.  I was scheduled to start with the second wave and Max with the last wave.  We had approximately 55 minutes in between our start times.  For those of you that don’t know how quick Max is… he caught up!  Really!  We knew it would be close… the final run leg was and out and back so after I reached the turn-around I had my eye out for Max.  I think I was nearing mile 4 when I saw him… and he was moving!  Although, I had been unsure of the distance and how my hip would handle the race I was doing well myself!  I really didn’t want him to pass me so I kept pushing… he came upon me about 1/2 mile out from the finish.  He asked if he could run in with me.  So bow tie and veil… we ran side by side to the finish.  As we turned the corner of the final straight away Max grabbed my hand and we crossed the line together!!  It felt incredible! 

Did I mention that all along the run leg people I passed or that passed me would cheer when they saw my veil?  Lots of congrats!  Lots of excitement and disbelief that this was how we were spending our wedding morning!  I was on a  high!!  After we crossed that line together, hand-in-hand, we were greeted by friends and family that had come to cheer!  A lovely day!  And so from there… well, you know the rest!  (if not re-visit earlier posts!)

Love, Molly

Max in transition

Max in transition

Our biggest fans!  Check out their shirts...

Our biggest fans! Check out their shirts...

Molly's wave is about ready to start... 6:30am

Molly's wave is about ready to start... 6:30am

Max 55 minutes later... go catch Molly!

Max 55 minutes later... go catch Molly!

Bliss of the wedding day!

Bliss of the wedding day!


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