7.TwentyOne.20Ten – Part Deux

So much to remember… so much to share.  I wish we had more time each day to sketch out our thoughts on a memories.  Day two of our tour Max and I decided to do separate activities… he already spoke to his challenging ride.  And boy… am I thankful I did not even attempt it!  There is no way I would have enjoyed one moment (except maybe the views!).  I spent my day with a smaller group hiking up the hillside in the misty rain to a Goat farm where they make cheese.   The family we met that ran the farm was quite interesting.  The three little children had no problem hopping over the stalls to hug and hold the goats!  There were 60 female goats, one baby, and (2) two male “studs”… there were chickens and roosters wandering around the barn as well; and a pens full of rabbits too.  Definitely a different lifestyle than I’m used to… you’d really have to like goat cheese, I’m sure they eat it every day!  It has a bit too much of a tangy flavor for my liking…   After the morning hike the group that I was with enjoyed lunch at our Inn in Montary.  The wine consumption began!  I think this eased all of us into the decision to go “canyoning”… we had no idea what we were getting into.  We were put in wet suits… strapped with harnesses… and warned of danger.   Mind you there seemed to be no concern from the two French men that lead our group into the canyon.  They did not speak english and expected us to follow them into the river.  From there we waded through the water and around the rocks.  Slide down waterfalls; repelled down rock faces; spelunked through carved rocks and fallen trees; jumped blindly where the guides pointed assuming the water was deep enough; and finally pulling ourselves out of the canyon by rope (and harness) along a slippery mountain side of pure mud (had I mentioned it had rained all day?!).  I wasn’t certain I would make it out alive!!  Fortunately, I did… and it wasn’t until after the trip that we all learned our Inn Keeper in Montary, who was on crutches, tore his Achilles tendon canyoning the same river and waterfalls!  Yikes!

Below is a picture from our room window at the Inn in Montary France (tiny village).  I did not have any pictures from the canyoning… way too much water and slip-sliding.  Fortunatley, I even took my wedding ring off because it would have been lost on the adventure!

View from our Inn at Montary

View from our Inn at Montary


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