Our Hotel in Marseille

Our Hotel in Marseille

Max + Molly made it to France!  Unfortunately, one (1) of our bags has yet to make the trip.  😦  Max had an “athletics” and “clothes” bag…and until further notice, Max may be wearing bike jerseys out for dinner as his “clothes” bag is AWOL.

The trip itself was a good one (albeit long…approx 16 hrs of traveling + an eight (8) hour time difference).  We even got upgraded seats on our last flight into Marseille!

Upon landing in Marseille we had one of what we suspect will be numerous marriage “tests.”  Our rental car is a manual transmission and so that left all of the driving up to Molly.  As it is a “European Ford”, we had difficulty finding REVERSE.  In the middle of downtown Marseille, we encountered an instance in which REVERSE may have proved useful.  As we could not find REVERSE, we took Option #2…asking a random French person to find keys to a car blocking our fwd path and getting them to move it.  Ahhh…the French…so helpful!!  This “test” was followed shortly by the following conversation:

Molly:  “Are we on a street?”

Max:  “Hmm…I’m not sure…There is a police car in front of us, so I think we are OK.”

(On our 2nd trip around the block it was determined that, in fact, this was a semi-valid “street.”)

We then found safety in an underground shopping mall parking lot (which, thankfully, also turned out to be the parking lot for our hotel)!!  And…to add to our good fortunes, Max was able to find REVERSE (which hopefully makes up for the fact that Molly will be doing the bulk of the driving!)

That pretty much sums up the traveling portion.  Upon checking into our hotel, we wanted to minimize jet lag, so we opted to stay awake (it was ~noon local time…4am Denver time).  How do Americans stay awake in France?  We found a bar and ordered a few beers.  We walked around the port of Marseille, changed clothes (Molly) and then headed out for an afternoon dinner.  The local speciality is “bouillabaisse.”  With hopes of adopting the “when in Rome” attitude, we wanted to try it…until we saw a picture and realized it included everything out of the sea (including heads-n-scales-n-eyes…yum!).  So…we went the safer route and had some tasty cheese pasta and shrimp!

After our 2.5hr dinner, we picked up some toiletries for Max, ice cream and watched some street performers.  Having made it to our “goal” bed-time of anything after 8pm, we headed back to the hotel and crashed like a rock (until 2am when Max was wide awake ;-)).

After a run & breakfast this a.m., we are about to embark on the rest of our journey!  More to come…

Max and his vacation shirt

Max and his vacation shirt


Port of Marseille

Port of Marseille

Wal-Mart de Marseille

Wal-Mart de Marseille

Bandol - Rose...a Graham Watson recommendation

Bandol - Rose...a Graham Watson recommendation

Molly in her post-Vinokourov Tour stage win bliss

Molly in her post-Vinokourov Tour stage win bliss


2 Responses to “7.Eighteen.20Ten”

  1. Tiffani Says:

    I love that you are sharing your trip with us! Good luck with the driving Molly and Max I hope your suitcase shows up sooner than later!

  2. You need to teach that boy to drive! Although, I’m sure Max is loving it.

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