Max + Molly:  Cruisin' around Wash Park

Max + Molly: Cruisin' around Wash Park

Welcome to our blog!  Over the next few weeks we will be updating this site with photos and comments about our recent wedding and our upcoming honeymoon in France!  Visit often… and enjoy!  M + M


4 Responses to “7.Eleven.20Ten”

  1. Stacy, Lee & Cole Z Says:

    LOVE THE PHOTO…and cannot wait to see more! Very much enjoyed celebrating 7.11 with you both and know your celebration will continue in France! Bonjour – Stacy, Lee & Cole Z

  2. Annie V Says:

    Looks like I will be enjoying a trip to France myself…thanks for setting up the blog!

  3. Kristin S Says:

    Have had fun sharing the bike pic. Thanks for sending. Can’t wait to see France!

  4. Diane Jokerst Says:

    Your pictures look just like the ones in travel mags! You can’t have a great holiday without a great story. The blue travel shirt and reverse will probably always make you smile when remembered in years to come. It looks lovely there. Continue to enjoy…and keep photos coming.

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